How to use your website

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How to edit your services
– Go to “Edit” under the “Posts” section and select a post to edit.
– To edit the price of a service package, scroll down to “Custom Fields” and change the value of “Price”.
– Confirm your changes by clicking “Update Post”.

How to edit your coupons
– Go to “Edit” under the “Posts” section and select the coupon post.
– Delete the old coupon and upload a new coupon by clicking the “Upload/Insert” image icon.
– After selecting an image for upload, a pop-up box will appear titled “Add media files from your computer”.
– You may leave the caption and description blank.
– Link the image for print by selecting “File URL” for the “Link URL” field.
– Mark the alignment as “None” and size at “Full size”. The maximum image width is 750 pixels at 72 dpi.
– Select “Insert into Post”
– If you forgot something, click the image and 2 icons will appear in its top left corner. Click the edit icon to make changes.
– You can add details by typing above or below the image.
– Confirm your changes by clicking “Update Post”.

If you’d like to take off the coupon without deleting it, simply update the status of the post from “Published” to “Draft”. Changing it back to a published state will put the coupon post back on the website.

How to edit your hours and directions
– Go to “Edit” under the “Posts” section and select a post to edit.
– Confirm your changes by clicking “Update Post”.

How to manage your gallery
– Go to “Add Gallery/Images” under the “Gallery” section.
– Go to “Upload Images” and add an image into 1- Gallery
– The images are ordered alphabetically by the Alt/Description.
– Go to “Manage Gallery” to edit/delete images.

Additional Notes
I have used HTML markup in some of the posts for text formatting such as bullets and titles. If you accidently change something (like deleting all the bullets) and cannot  get it back to its original state, simply select a previous autosave by scrolling down the “Post Revisions” section and selecting the most recent update.

Problems will occur if you delete posts, categories, or pages. Please do not delete.

Please let me know if you have any questions.